Why us?

High quality, low pricing & knowledge.

That’s why us!

Why Us?

Honeycombs Ceramics BV started in 2013 its business near Amsterdam in The Netherlands. The demand for RTO material is high in Europe and our company had the right tools and connections. With quality control management in both countries. From its home base  and now head office near Amsterdam in The Netherlands it was decided in 2014 to locate a warehouse near Rotterdam. This is convenient for when our ceramic blocks sail in to Rotterdam harbour from China. We also noticed it is a necessity to keep stock in this business, and from this warehouse we organize deliveries and (emergency) pick up facilities. From 2016 we started up the Ceramic Honeycombs blocks with feet; they are very successful. In the beginning of 2017 a new product range of Thermal Insulation Material was introduced with all parts you need for your inner RTO. Still our Honeycombs Ceramics team is going strong, and with knowledge and quality care we will continue to deliver you.


Honeycombs Ceramics: knowledge & quality.

High performance, low pricing. Where quality control is our core business. Manufactured in China, European quality control and inspection. Every year our quality is tested by SGS. Request an offer – ask questions, we are available 24/7. Contact our office in the Netherlands or in China, whichever one you prefer. We have stock in both countries, and with agreement we keep stock for your company. This means not ever going wrong when you need it.

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