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Ceramic Heat Sink Media for RTO – European quality

Honeycombs blocks

Flexibility is on high demand these days, and thankfully this is one of our strong points. Therefore we introduce not only our well known flexibility in different sizes, shapes and cells. We also have different material to offer, depending on your application. Most used is Standard Cordierite (C110) and Dense Alumina (C120). And we make our Honeycombs blocks only in A and B quality, not C quality. We are not only specialized in providing you the best commodity needs, we also spend time on technical and research development. To be able to assist you better, with more knowledge.

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Honeycombs blocks with feet

Plugging of the channels in Honeycombs blocks is problematic and a worry-some issue for most engineers. To eliminate plugging you have to create a turbulent flow between the different layers in your Honeycombs bed. One solution can be created in a so called ‘turbulent zone’.
The shape of the Honeycombs with feet do just that in the ‘turbulent zone’. They can be used in any layer of your bed, where ever there is plugging identified.
We have blocks with or without feet in our Warehouse available for you. The feet are including the size, so for example: 300mm stays 300mm with feet.

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Next to quality, there is warehousing. Our warehousing is extensive, with supervision of quality and logistic managers.

Also, there is the opportunity to keep stock in several locations. We understand the importance of availability when needed. Whether this is emergency, temporary, or for quantities based on a turn around.

Top layers used for RTO

Ceramic Saddles

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